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  • Business Advisory Service | Rawlinson & Hunter | Australia

    BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES When successful businesses are owned and driven by key individuals, the decisions they make are closely linked with their own personal welfare and with the ultimate well-being of their families. The Firm has been built around the protection of wealth for our clients and we understand that entrepreneurial business owners have very particular circumstances and needs. We have many entrepreneurial clients who have made a significant emotional and financial investment in their business. For many, the business is part of their life and part of their family. Our role is to act as both a business partner and protector of the individual’s own interests and those of their family. While the firm has considerable expertise in advising on commercial and tax issues (both corporate and personal) we go further than this. Where required we become closely involved with the operational aspects of the business and have partners with the experience to provide high level strategic support to the directors. HOW WE ASSIST To help you achieve your strategic goals, the tax and business expertise of the Firm can assist at every step of a business’ life: • Efficient corporate structuring when setting up a new business or restructuring an existing business; Advice on raising finance for the business; Managing growth and expansion; Employee and management incentives; Extracting profits from the business in a tax-efficient way; Succession planning; Exit routes and value realisation. Our Specialists

  • Tax Compliance Services | Rawlinson & Hunter | Australia

    TAX COMPLIANCE SERVICES Our aim is to meet all of your ATO compliance requirements and notify you in good time of your tax liability. But then we go one step further – we don’t just fill in the form, we look for ways to maximise your wealth while we’re doing it. We can provide as much assistance as you require: providing ad-hoc technical advice or handling your tax compliance obligations completely, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the issues that matter most to you. ​ HOW WE ASSIST We tailor our services to your specific needs. While our tax and compliance specialists provide a broad range of expertise, some of the services we offer include: Preparation of Tax Returns for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts and superannuation funds; Preparation of periodic Activity Statements; Reviewing tax returns and tax provisions prepared in-house or by third parties; Advice on tax liabilities and the monitoring of due dates for payment of tax, including liabilities under the quarterly tax instalments regime; Advice to groups (private and corporate) on managing and minimising their tax liabilities; Review and recommendations on the appropriate group structures, including the implications of using certain entities and offshore jurisdictions; Corporate restructuring, including acquisitions, mergers and demergers; Advice on tax legislation changes impacting on you; Pre and post transaction advice to maximise tax efficiency and to achieve certainty of tax treatment; Advice on the impact of international tax legislation, including transfer pricing issues, controlled foreign companies, and double tax agreements; Advice on Goods and Services tax, Pay-roll tax, Land tax and Stamp Duty Our Specialists

  • LEGAL | Australia

    LEGAL Rawlinson & Hunter International is a grouping of independent firms with members throughout the world. It is not a legal entity in its own right and does not offer professional services in its own name. ​ Each independent member of Rawlinson & Hunter International is a separate firm. These firms are not members of one international partnership or group, or otherwise necessarily legal partners or members with each other, nor is any one firm responsible for the services or activities of any other. Firms in certain jurisdictions offer services through a partnership structure or through the medium of limited liability vehicles, or both, depending on the nature of services offered. ​ The partners and directors of each of the firms within the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping pride themselves on the shared ethos and quality of advice given across the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping. As a result, use is made throughout this website of the expressions “our” and “we” in reference to the service provided by each of the Rawlinson & Hunter firms. This should not be construed as Rawlinson & Hunter International existing as a single entity. Although the firms carry the same name, there is no common ownership among the firms of Rawlinson & Hunter International. ​ Rawlinson & Hunter LLP, the UK limited liability partnership, holds a minority financial interest in each of the overseas Rawlinson & Hunter firms. In addition, certain overseas Rawlinson & Hunter firms hold minority financial interests in other overseas Rawlinson & Hunter firms. However, no Rawlinson & Hunter firm, either in the UK or overseas, holds a majority financial interest in any other Rawlinson & Hunter firm. No overseas Rawlinson & Hunter partner or director is a partner or director of any Rawlinson & Hunter entity. ​ This website is designed for the information of readers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, information contained on the site may not be comprehensive and readers should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. The application and impact of the laws can vary widely from case to case, based upon the specific or unique facts involved. Accordingly, the information in this site is not intended to serve as legal, accounting, financial or tax advice. Users are encouraged to consult with professional advisers at their local Rawlinson & Hunter International office for advice concerning specific matters before making any decision. A list of legal partners and directors of that office can only be obtained from that office and nothing in this website shall imply that any other persons mentioned herein are partners or members of that office.

  • Corporate Advisory Services | Rawlinson & Hunter | Australia

    CORPORATE ADVISORY SERVICES We provide long-term strategic advice to high growth entrepreneurial businesses. We advise on exit strategies, assist with adding value to your business, support its growth and generally groom your business for a sale or an IPO to achieve maximum value. Recommendations of suitable accounting policies and operation systems, in order to facilitate a smooth due diligence process, can also be provided. HOW WE ASSIST Our corporate advisory team can provide advice and support in all areas of mergers & acquisitions including: Tax efficient acquisition structuring; Tax efficient disposal of businesses; Assistance with raising private equity; Worldwide debt cap and thin capitalisation solutions for acquisition financing; Structuring of earn-outs and share-based incentive arrangements; Financial due diligence; Drafting and negotiating tax indemnities and tax warranties; Stamp duty planning and reliefs; Long-term advice on business exit strategies; Transaction advice and support; Advice on structuring floats and MBOs; Preparation of business plans and financial projections for the purpose of securing finance; Business valuations, including the valuation of business assets, shares and intellectual property; Post transaction support and ongoing tax advice Our Specialists

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