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Our audit and assurance services go well beyond helping clients meet their financial reporting obligations.


Our audit method focuses on delivering a timely and efficient audit, with our Partners taking a hands-on approach with clients through all aspects of the engagement.


There is a strong emphasis on adding value through identifying and communicating opportunities for strengthening internal controls, information systems, accounting and financial reporting with a consideration to practical and commercial applications.


Our team discusses the performance of assurance engagement with directors, management and other stakeholders to tailor processes that address specific business risks. Our services act as a powerful tool to complement corporate governance structures, delivering robust assurance services that address clients’ regulatory and other compliance needs. At the same time, we aim to ensure a delivery of service that provides excellent value for money.



To help you with your compliance, statutory and non-statutory accounts, financial statements, auditing and other financial requirements, our audit & assurance expertise can provide the following services:

  • Full audit in compliance with the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001;

  • Preparation of statutory accounts to comply with statutory regulations, if required;

  • Preparation of non-statutory accounts i.e. large-non-reporting, associations, etc.;

  • Assurance engagements offering a similar level of confidence to a full audit for branches, divisions or companies not legally required to have a full audit;

  • Preparation of, or reviews of, interim financial statements or other non-statutory reports (eg those to satisfy banking covenants, etc);

  • Audit of systems and procedures and reporting thereon;

  • Special audit, including solicitors and real estate agents trust accounts

  • Audits of self-managed superannuation funds;

  • Audits of foreign controlled Australian companies;

  • GAAP analysis between Australia and controlling jurisdiction;

  • Financial reporting of taxation compliance, particularly around thin capitalisation rules, transfer pricing and recoupment of tax losses

Our Specialists

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