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Rawlinson & Hunter Australia is a progressive, medium-sized Firm of Chartered Accountants, situated in Sydney, with a substantial corporate, business and high net worth client base.

The Firm was founded in 1945 and comprises 14 directors and approximately 80 staff.


We recognise that in today’s complex business environment our clients need more from us as advisers than simple compliance support. As a ‘partner in business’, we focus on providing proactive advice and value-added services.



Quality. Excellence. Dedication. Care.



We provide our clients with personalised director attention, ensuring quality, excellence, dedication and care. We ensure our directors are supported by selected high-calibre staff, with the motivation to provide first-class accountancy and taxation services, in the spheres in which we operate.


We purposefully maintain a low profile, reflective of the anonymity desired by our clients’ operations in the Australian and international business environs.


We implement our philosophy through extensive knowledge and experience, a supportive culture and excellent service for our clients


We are proud to be part of an international grouping of professional Firms, specialising in financial and taxation advice.


Our skill lies in maximising the rewards that prosperity can bring. For the private client, we can take the strain, safeguarding their assets, leaving them to enjoy the benefits, not suffer the burdens, of wealth.


The international structure of Rawlinson & Hunter is unique, both in the way that it operates and in the extensive scope of the financial services that it provides. Our structure gives the client the best of both worlds – an organisation that encourages a close working relationship between client and partner and one that gives immediate access to eleven international offices.


This special relationship stems from the partners in the various offices throughout the globe, having worked very closely together over a considerable number of years. Each partner believing that their clients must be given the best possible service. This enables transactions involving more than one Rawlinson & Hunter office to be effected more quickly, efficiently and professionally than by many other, larger organisations.


Our unique structure allows clients access to the individual advantages and specialist services available in eleven different international offices and every office can draw on the expertise and specialist resources available in the rest of the group. All our offices have excellent relationships with leading lawyers, bankers and investment managers in most of the world’s major financial centres

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