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We provide advice on general areas of superannuation and estate planning, such as accounting, taxation, pensions and in-house asset rules. We are also able to provide specialised advice with a range of other services.


We operate under our own Limited Australian Financial Services Licence.


We are not tied to any Financial Planning Group and are always able to provide independent advice that is in the best interest of our client.




The experienced superannuation team is able to provide expert advice including:

  • Advice on contribution limits and tax implications;

  • Advice on the taxation implication of superannuation income streams including transition to retirement pensions;

  • Estate planning to ensure maximum wealth is transferred from one generation to the next;

  • Advice on the treatment of superannuation in the event of a fund member getting divorced;

  • Corporate fund administration and advice;

  • Superannuation fund audits.

Our Specialists

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